Don't Forget About Your Relief Managers

Speaking to many relief managers in the self-storage industry I have noticed they all share the same trait: being forgotten. Many owners and supervisors see part time managers/relief managers as employees that are only there a few days so they do not need to be trained fully or not as important. Part-time managers, after being hired, are trained for a few days and expected just to learn as they go or will tell the tenants that the full time manager will be back soon. That mindset of owners and supervisors is hurting everyone involved.

We all joke about how self-storage managers are most likely watching their favorite streaming service rather than being proactive during slower days. While it may be true, owners and supervisors take half of the blame. If the supervisor doesn't take time to train or check on their employees, what else can we expect the managers to do?

Most relief managers work a few days to give our full-time managers a break. That is a given. Those two or so days shouldn't be