The Why Factor

The Why Factor is the single most important thing when it comes to a self-storage manager and their facility. Why would someone visit or rent from your facility over anywhere else? That is what you should be trying to capitalize on.

To most consumers, when they think self-storage, they visualize an empty square where people put their belongings in when they do not have or want to use free their options. Self-storage is something that people only think of when they need it. Most managers would state that their tenants, at one point or another, would say they didn't even know the business was there until they searched for it. There is nothing wrong with that. We must, however, be ready when they do search for us. That is when The Why Factor comes into play.

The Why Factor can be divided into two categories the facility and the management team. Each category needs to give a reason why the consumers should choose them. If a facility has a wonderful manager that does everything they can to earn the consumers business but the facility is run down, lacks security and the prices are too high then they probably won't earn much business. The same can be said for a facility that has key features but lacks an effective manager. Let's first start with the manager.